GLOW01 Presents: Miss Eu (Vocal)

Miss Eu (Vocal)
Miss Eu 這個名字或許對有些人會感到陌生,但如果你是個電子派對嗜好者,你或許早已在大大小小的電子派對中見過Miss Eu的芳蹤。年紀輕輕的Miss Eu不但與國內數位專業DJ及音樂製作人合作,並已於數場電子派對中與DJ搭擋演出,包含G1電子競技大賽賽後派對、台北101旁的Rocking 2010 空中跨年派對、Zoom Hair Styling 的日落月升時尚海灘派對、紅樓河岸留言的Lez's Meeting女人國派對、Deluxe的Love Ball派對、Glow01激光派對系列、Flow-X極光派對...等。熱愛舞台與表演的Miss Eu此刻更展現創作才華,親自為自己的音樂作品嘗試填詞;而首次創作的作品即由歌手符瓊音詮釋,並收錄在她個人首張電子專輯。或許不久的將來你就能陸續聽到Miss Eu其他創作,這位年輕小女生將帶給你完全不同的電子音樂感受。

You may not be familiar with the name Miss Eu. However, if you are a party-lover, you may have already seen her in a number of Electronica parties. The young diva is not only working with various professional DJs and music producers, but also teaming up with DJs and perform in various Electronica parties including Lez’s Meeting at the Redhouse, Love Ball at Deluxe, Glow01 series, Flow-X party, etc. Miss Eu’s passion for music takes her further than just being a vocalist. She is also writing the lyrics of her songs. Perhaps you will be able to see her new single in the near future. This young lady will definitely rock your Electronica music experience.

Partners: DJ F*Daniel, DJ Joe Ho


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